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This article explores the general background information about Naval Base Guam, Santa Rita and its development as part of the history of the beautiful island of Guam. It also touches a bit on its mission and vision. Included in the discussion below are the information regarding the installations in the base and their services. Furthermore, recreational facilities that make the place worthy of visiting are also mentioned. General information about how to access and contact some of the facilities in the base is also tackled. In short, this article serves as a good read for anyone planning to visit Guam.

The natives of Guam are called Chamorros who are of Indo-Malayan descent. They share cultural and linguistic similarities with the people from Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The Chamorros have always thrived through a horticultural approach, fishing and hunting. Data from early explorers say that they are good in pottery, weaving, seamanship using canoes, and craftsmanship as demonstrated by their beautiful houses.The so-called latte stones, which are found solely in the island, serve as the stone pillars on top of which the houses of the natives are built. Their typical society is matriarchal. In fact, it is viewed that it is this female authority that brings about the richness in their culture manifested in their language, music, dance, and traditions, which have endured the passing of time.

It was the great Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who was the first Westerner to set foot on Guam. He did this on March 6, 1521 as part of his mission to circumnavigate the world under Spanish rule. The explorer stationed in the Island for some time so that their crew can replenish their food and water supplies. It was in 1565, through the voyage team of Miguel Lopez de Legaspi that Guam was officially colonized by Spain. Meanwhile, it was in 1568 that Catholicism was first introduced to the natives. This was done by the visiting Jesuit missionaries led by Padre Diego Luis de San Vitores. Besides being introduced to the Christian religion, the natives were also taught animal husbandry, cultivation of corn, and western-style clothing.  You can feel free to contact our office if you need a Condo for sale in Manila.

More than 300 years later, on June 21, 1898, Guam was surrendered to the United States by Spain through the treaty of Paris. This event meant the end of the infamous Spanish-American War. The following year, Guam was sold by Spain to the US for $20 million. This turnover was followed by an executive order from then U.S. president William McKinley, which put the island officially under the U.S Department of Navy. Ever since, the island has undergone dramatic improvement, particularly in terms of public health, agriculture, education, land management, tax management, and public works.

During the second wold war, Guam was among the many targets of Japan. In 1941, together with Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, Japan attacked Guam. It was December 10 within the same year when the island finally was subjugated by the Japanese.Under Japan’s rule, Guam was named “Omiya Jima” or “Great Shine Island.” This was a painful part of Guam’s history as the Chamorros were maltreated. They were forced to a lifestyle the Japanese wanted them to adopt. Torture like raping and slaughtering of the Chamorros were a common happening. However, in the middle of it all, notwithstanding the intimidation’s from the Japanese the Chamorros maintained their loyalty to the Americans.

The United States together with the Allied Forces arrived at Agat and Asan beaches to take Guam back from the ruling of the Japanese. It took the Americans and company three weeks of struggle before they recaptured the island. During those weeks, many natives and American military men lost their lives until finally the Americans raised their flag once more despite of the damage that the former US Marine barracks in Sumay, Apra Harbor took. It is on that same location where today’s naval base stands.The place was officially named “Naval Operating Base” on October 1944. Interestingly, it was nicknamed “The Pacific Supermarket” as it played a key role in campaigning against Japan in the Pacific during that time.

Guam’s liberation day is on the 21st of July, and is naturally a holiday. In celebration for this historic day of the beautiful island, all government offices and many businesses are closed on this day together with the splendid festivities and parading along Marin Corps Drive in Hatagna.

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The U.S. Naval Force in Guam was established on the 30th of May, 1946. After the war, the Navy, under the command of a Navy captain who served as commander until 1949, was in-charge of the island. Also during this year, then President Harry S. Truman signed the Organic Act. The said act officially declared Guam as an unincorporated territory with self-governing and limited authority. This, however, gave the people of the island American citizenship. By the same token, the Navy was put under the Department of Interior. On the other hand, the US Naval Station in Guam was transferred under the Commander, Naval Logistics Command, U.S. Pacific Fleet.

Through the years, the base has certainly grown and responded to the demands of the times. The Naval Station and Naval Magazine Guam were consolidated on the first of October, 1994. The resulting entity was named Naval Activities, Guam. The name was subsequently changed to naval base Guam a decade after. Whatever name it bares, the base has always been a symbol of strength for the Western Pacific holding many vital tenant commands.

Presently, the base contains many US navy commands that are important for the fleet in the Pacific. It is the home of the Commander Naval Forces Marianas, Coast Guard Sector Guam, Naval Special Welfare Unit, Commander Submarine Squadron Fifteen, and 28 more tenant commands. Additionally, submarine tender USS Frank Cable is also located there. A hallmark of the base that makes it unique is the presence of numerous historic sites inside it. Currently, there are 6,900 family members that are together with 6,300 navy personnel in the base. Besides them, there are also many retired personnel living peacefully inside it.

The main purpose and mission of the NBG is to give support to all that form the US Pacific Fleet. They are the following: 1. war fighters whom they supply and serve, 2. war fighters based inside NBG, 3. commands that provide support to the war fighters, lastly 4. the families of the military men stationed at the base.

It essential for NBG to satisfy the needs of their clients so far as its services are concerned. In addition, the base does its best to provide a much desirable and conducive environment for work, family life and recreation. Furthermore, the base and its people are committed to contributing to the goal of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). The said goal is to make the Navy as one of the best employers among all establishments in the U.S.

In addition to having a mission and vision , they are further guided by certain guiding principles. They observe the navy’s so-called core values courage, commitment and honor. Home buyers: be aware that we can help you find a Townhouse for sale in Manila. Plus, they regard clients as the ones who set the standard of their services. Finally, they observe the maxim, “The sailor is not happy if the family is not happy.

Captain Richard K. Wood II is the Commanding officer of the NBG. He hails from Annandale, Virginia and is a product of the University of Virginia. He finished Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in the said university.Captain Kevin Gillam is next in command being the Executive Officer. Besides this position he also an Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer. Ponce, Puerto Rico is his birth place. Next is Commander Master Chief John T. Lawry. He hails from East Moline, Illinois. On June 1988 he joined the US Navy, and in September 1, 2010 he became the Commander Master Chief of the NBG.

There are seven commands/installations in NBG. They are the North Finegayan, Barrigada, Orote Point/Apra Harbor (Main Base), Ordnance Annex, Polaris Point, Tenjo Valley and Sasa Valley Fuel Facilities. Navy Base Guam is located along south of Route 16 close to Barrigada Village. The area is equipped with NCTS transmission antennas. Admiral Nimitz Golf Course, the sole golf course in the Guam, is located there. Besides the golf course, ANGC Sports Bar and Grill is also in the same location.

The so-called home of the Naval Telecommunications Station Guam is the NBG North Finegayan Telecommunications Site. This is found on the northwest side of the island. Formerly known as the Naval Magazine Guam, NBG Ordnance Annex is the major depot for supplies of weapons, combat vehicles, ammunition, maintenance tools and equipment. Besides this, the Annex also doubles as a gymnasium. This facility is located about a mile southeast of the central base, and it is open 24 hours a day everyday.

The “Big Navy” is what NBG’s main base is called. The main gate at the Marine Corps Drive practically never closes. On the other hand, the back gate in Agat is only open during the weekdays from 6AM to 8AM and 3:30PM to 6PM. Besides weekends, this gate also closes during holidays. The main base houses several recreational facilities such as Marina, a salt-water tank and pool, a bowling area, a gymnasium, football/baseball/softball fields, and a tennis court. Also it has a skate park and even a beach inside it. Perhaps more important the the recreational facilities are the other essential facilities and services offered by the base: 1. NEX Main Exchange, 2. Autoport Service/Auto parts, 3. Autoport Gas Station, 4. Laundry/Dry Cleaning, 5. Housing Gallery, 6. Commissary, 7. Home and Garden Center, 8. McDonald’s, 9. NEX Food Court, 10. Subway, 11. Clipper Landing, 12. Typhoons/Nap’s/C’ Street Cafe, 13. Laundromat, and lastly 14. Gateway Inn.

Located in the eastern side of Apra Harbor is Polaris Point. One can reach it via Marine Corps Drive, which is two miles north of the front gate of the main base. Polaris Point is also teeming with recreational facilities. For one, there’s a primitive camping area. There are also the beach with cabanas and restrooms and the Polaris Point Club. Polaris Point is the favorite venue for many events like Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) events, concerts, and July 4th celebrations. It’s important to mention also the presence of the NEX Mini-mart and the Polaris Point Club. This club can be a venue for special events, and this can be arranged by getting in touched with MWR. Security here is very reliable as the gate is guarded all the time.

NBG is in-charge of the Defense Fuel Support Point Guam, which is also called the “fuel farm.” This facility has pumping, storage and transfer capabilities for different aviation and marine fuels. There is limited access to this installation as it only allows business transactions that are official. Any guest who is interested in visiting this command can call (617) 339-7106.

The whole family can surely enjoy many services the NBG offers particularly for their enjoyment. Such facilities include recreation, entertainment, tickets, travels and tours, food and beverages, liberty programs, and sports and fitness.

So far as entertainment facilities are concerned, Naval Base Guam surely has a lion’s share for everyone. There is the Big Screen Theater, which shows movies for free! It is open during Fridays at 7PM and 9:30PM, and Saturdays and Sundays at 1PM, 3:30PM and 7PM. It is found at Bldg. 1981 of the base. The list of movies are available online or can be inquired through the 24 hour movie hotline. A snack bar menu is available at the theater. Apart from showing movies for free, the theater can also be reserved for private parties and command functions. Furthermore, the magnificent NBG, through MWR, holds many special events: Valentine’s Dinner, Cheer Clinic with Broncos, and the First Tee’s Nine Core Values Golf Program among many others.

The Navy MWR Information, Tickets and Travels office is the one in-charge with assisting people for booking concerns. The office is open Mondays to Fridays from 9AM to 12 PM and 1PM to 5PM. It is at the MWR Admin Office Bldg. atSB1, Aldrich Road of the NBG.The office also have tour packages like the City Sightseeing Tour, Dolphin Watching Adventure, and Adventure River Boat Cruise. Particularly for families the Tarza Water Tank, Underwater World, Atlantis Submarine, Onward Waterpark, and many others are highly recommended.

MWR also have programs particularly for relaxation and recreation. The Rec-N-Crew offers many outdoor recreational needs like gears for kayaking, camping, biking, and snorkeling. Important to mention is are the Gab Gab, San Luis, and Dadi Beaches inside the base. Besides those two there is also the Silver Dolphin recreation center. This center generously makes available computers, games, pool tables among others.

The base’s Liberty program is designed for single sailors and bachelors ages 18-25 who are in active duty. Free wireless Internet, computer access, PS2 and PS3, and X-Box are made available for them by the Single Sailor Sanctuary.

There is never a shortage of sumptuous foods and beverages inside Naval Base Guam through the services of MWR. A weekly Mongolian BBQ and Sunday Brunch is served by Top o’the Mar. For special events, they also offer off-site catering services. There conference/banquet rooms are also available for other functions. Restaurants that offer excellent food and services could also be found inside the base like C-Street Cafe, Clipper Landing, Game Time Sports Grill, Hot Stuff Pizza, Molly Mcgees Irish Pub, Mean Gene’s Burgers, and Naps Alabama BBQ. The ambiance, and overall atmosphere of these cozy restaurants are very relaxing.

For the sporty and fitness-minded the base also has facilities to help keep them in tip-top shape. There are aquatics, youth sports, and fitness programs. Important to mention is the Charles King Gym, which provides weight rooms, sauna rooms for men and women, aerobic fitness room, basketball courts, dance room, and a family fitness room. Meanwhile, there is also the MWR Swimming Pools, which offer swimming lessons and water aerobics. There is also the Guam Youth Sports Association, which gives the youth an opportunity to compete and develop their physical skills and abilities. Concurrently, it also fosters teamwork, discipline, and leadership.


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